I saw Dr Drell when I was feeling overwhelmed and confused.  I had seen other therapists over the years but he was the first psychiatrist.  I was immediately impressed with his warmth and understanding of my situation.  I felt hopeful for the first time in months.  He was the most direct therapist I’ve seen and I feel good.

Charlotte A

My marriage was falling apart and i didn’t think it was possible to save.  Larry gave me hope and clearly and directly told me what was needed.��   He made sense of what had been going on and offered practical advice. He helped me discover  my own resources to be better and I now have the relationship i have always wanted with my wife and kids.

William B

Dr Drell is not in my network and so i saw someone else for a consultation.   i came back to him because he is the most compassionate therapist i  have ever seen.   He has helped me change my life in ways i did not think possible.  Being in therapy with him was such a good investment.

Gabrielle P.

I was just in a rut.  I was not crazy and didn’t think I should go to a psychiatrist but Dr. Drell came highly recommended.  Although he is an medical doctor type psychiatrist he’s primarily a psychotherapist.  I was surprised how comfortable I felt and  I felt he quickly understood what was going on in my life.  He’s different than other therapists I have seen.  He is open and down to earth and his advice and observations have been life changing.    I value the time I spent with him.

Mark G