Stress Management

Stress is a fact of life. We cannot escape it because there is always uncertainty and frustration and disappointment and loss in daily life. There are always challenges.

Sometimes this can be overwhelming and chronic or we find our selves feeling trapped. This stress affects our bodies and our capacity to think clearly.

Fatigue, GI problems, insomnia, generalized physical discomfort are just a few of the noticeable symptoms. And one’s ability to concentrate and focus is diminished when one is stressed.

What we can do is to learn how to deal with stress better. You can learn how to manage the experience and its affect on your body.  There are simple mind/body skills that can be learned.

I teach meditation. I think it is the best exercise we can learn to help us live a more full life and manage the inevitable stresses.

This is scientifically proven that learning these mind/body skill changes our brains and our body’s way of responding.

If you have any questions. Contact me and I can explain more about what meditation is. And I can teach you very simple skills.

I have written a personal blog where i describe my own experiences in learning about life.  Mistakes I have made, regrets and what I have found useful.

Using your mind to improve…just about everything !

This will be a toolbox of skills and techniques, new approaches and old approaches;

Eastern wisdom and Western knowledge  packaged together on a user friendly blog.  Hopefully, this will be a practical guide to creating happiness in a world of inevitable conflict, stress, disappointment and loss.

I have written on several special topics to me and responded to several questions patients and friends have asked about.  Please feel free to comment or  ask any questions and I will respond to them on the following blog site. (https://skillstoenhanceyourlife NULL.wordpress

If you have any questions, comments  or suggestions please contact with me. 202-232-8608