Keeping Cool And Anxiety Depression Free When There’s No Electricity

In Washington, D.C. this summer major storms caused major power outages suddenly. We’re back in the dark ages, before a/c.
And even the fans are gone.

Sudden Anxiety And Depression Is Natural

The old saying “These are the times that try men’s souls.” comes to mind as if this is the worst thing. Most of us feel disoriented when there is a change in the expected way we have lived and we can no longer simply turn on a switch and have lights, television or cooling.
Even our mobile phones run out of power quickly and we have the added anxiety of trying to find someplace to charge our phones. The loss of a mobile phone of iPad is a special kind of dislocation.

If you feel these anxieties, it’s completely normal. The key is to be aware of the anxieties and be mindful of how we emotionally react. It’s also normal for feelings of depression and irritation to build on anxiety as the hours in the dark grow.

How many of us curse ourselves trying to find candles, flashlights and batteries? Or whether we stockpiled necessities? As i listened to my fading battery powered radio I hear about people who have generators. And then beat myself up for not getting one ahead of time or some such disaster planning.

Mindfulness And Meditation Can Lower Anxiety And Depression

My wife in her usual genius mode reminds me that this is the time to meditate. When the cascading anxieties and emotions swirl, it’s vital to practice what I preach and step back. I think meditation helps one respond to what is going on not react to it.

In the case of the power outages, stepping back puts stress into perspective; most of the world lives this way all the time. Our uncertainty, sudden disruptions of the routine, lack of “necessities” is just a normal day.

Take moments like these, whatever the “distress” and just take a deep breath. I teach patients all the time cognitive exercises to help restore a sense of perspective, even when sudden and disorienting things happen.

You can use these approaches starting today. That’s right! There are proven ways to put anxiety, irritability and temporary depression in perspective.

And remember: we’re alive and have a good chance of being alive on the next breath. And the next. Enjoy the adventure!

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