Dr. Drell's Education And Training

Dr Drell is a board certifed psychiatrist specializing in the treatment of anxiety and depression as well as couples therapy and marriage counseling.

I have additional training in a variety of areas and treatment approaches.
I can  help you find the solutions you seek for your life, relationships and career.


Johns Hopkins University BA Psychology 1965
University of Buffalo School of Medicine 1969
St Elizabeths Hospital Internship 1970
National Institute of Mental Health
Psychiatric Residency 1970-1973

Board Certified by American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology 1973

Medical Licenses: DC, Maryland, California 1970 to present

Additional Training:

Stress Reduction:
Center for Mind/Body Medicine James Gordon, MD
Faculty for Professional Development

Mindfulness Meditation University of Massacusetts Jon Kabat Zinn, PhD

Peak Performance Seminars Esalen Institute Anna Rice, MA

Visualization Human Potential Harvard University Daniel Brown, MD

American Institute of Hypnosis Certified NLP and Hypnosis

National Institute of Clinical and Behavioral Medicine Eriksonian Hypnosis

National Educational Institute Psychopharmacology Stephan Stahl, MD PhD

Dr Drell is Founder and Medical Director of the Optimum Health Institute, International
This is a non profit organization whose mission is to integrate alternative healing approaches with current scientific studies to help individuals optimize health and achieve peak performance

American Psychiatric Association

American Medical Association