Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety is a part of life. However it is sometimes overwhelming and persistent and colors every aspect of a persons life.  At those times one feels overwhelmed with worry and apprehension and trapped in the cycle of increasing anxiety and sometimes panic..

A combination of psychotherapy and counseling and (if needed) medication can help you reclaim your life, enjoy relationships, and pursue your dreams and career beginning now.

I am Dr Larry Drell, I am a Board Certified Psychiatrist in DC treating anxiety and depression. I have been in practice for over 30  years helping people not be controlled and limited by their anxiety and depression.  
The fact that you have done this search and are still reading is indication you are on the right path.

The signs of anxiety are many. It may affect how you think, an inability to concentrate, feelings of being overwhelmed, a sense of panic or dread or sometimes physical pains and insomnia. Or one might notice changes in your social interactions withdrawal or impatience or irritability and anger that might are often signs of anxiety.

 Dr Drell combines Therapy, Counseling and Medication to treat Anxiety and Depression

The fact is Anxiety disorders affect almost 20 million Americans. 

There are many causes for anxiety and what is important is to rule out any medical causes.   It is essential that one get a routine physical exam especially with evaluation of ones thyroid function. To rule out medical causes. However many people suffer with anxiety and depression and never get the proper treatment from a therapist.

I help you develop an approach to dealing with the anxiety to begin to give you control again.   I help you learn relaxation techniques so that you discover you do have some control over what you are experiencing.  In addition I believe that besides counseling and therapy there are important lifestyle changes that can help.

You can do something about the fears and anxiety that are affecting you

I can help you feel better now. Begin today and start feeling freedom and control. (http://test NULL.ijiwarugroup

What Is Depression?

Many of us feel sad or down at times during the course of our normal lives. When those feelings intensify, linger and include feelings of hopeless, helplessness and low self-esteem,for weeks or repeatedly over the years then a clinical depression may be the cause.
There are both psychological and physical causes for depression. It is an illness that can be treated like other physical illness. It is not weakness.

The good news is that over the 30 years I have been in  practice I have seen how a combination of therapies and approaches can help people overcome depression and regain their energy, creativity and improve their relationships and their lives.


Signs Of Depression

Here, are some symptoms that may indicate a clinical state of depression
You may notice a depressed mood during most of the day, particularly in the morning:

  • fatigue or loss of energy almost every day
  • feelings of worthlessness or guilt almost every day
  • impaired concentration, indecisiveness
  • markedly diminished interest or pleasure in almost all activities nearly every day
  • recurring thoughts of death or suicide (not just fearing death)>
  • sudden anger or irritability

When Should One Seek Treatment for Depression Symptoms?

Each of us is truly unique but if any of the above symptoms be present daily for several weeks, it is important to speak with a professional. I have helped many people overcome their anxiety and depression with a combination of therapy, counseling and medication if needed.

You are not alone. Anxiety and depression can be overcome. You can regain your life.

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