Addiction Treatment And Therapy In Washington DC

Do you suffer from addictive behavior? Do you seek treatment and therapy? You’re not alone. Addictive behavior is common.  And it’s not limited to illicit drugs.

You Can Get Treatment For Addiction

Addictions can appear in life in many ways. For example, most people drink alcohol these days but��many people drink in an addictive and destructive way and do not recognize it. Some addictions are obvious. Other  behaviors like “working”, which seem virtuous, can be addictive in that they help avoid facing other problems.

Treatment And Therapy For Addictions

I have 35 years experience treating addictive behaviors, including alcoholism, sex addictions, gambling, work, online and social media addictions. Treatment consists of talk therapy and where appropriate medical evaluations. My techniques will help you discover freedom from your addictions and the hope you feel is impossible.

A key component of therapy and treatment for addiction is talk therapy. We tend to avoid facing what causes us anxiety or depression.  Losing oneself in anything can help avoid dealing with the basic problems. You can break free and find new energy in life. We all have the innate ability to deny the existence or avoid seeing what we do not want to see.

You can start feeling better now. Proven techniques can help you gain control of your life and overcome the seemingly powerful addictive impulses and behavior. Talk therapy and where appropriate medical treatment can let you discover freedom and relief. (lmd null@null drdrell or 202-232-8608