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Dr. Drell is a Board Certified MD psychiatrist with over 35 years experience offering a combination of talk therapy and medication if needed.
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Are you anxious or depressed? Stressed? Fatigued? Suffering with insomnia and worry ?

Do feel that something is “missing” in your relationships ?

Or do you just feel “stuck”, trapped, confused, and wondering if life can ever get better ?

There is hope. Change is possible even when you can’t see it.
I offer the best of modern psychiatry combined with talk therapy and counseling so you can start feeling better today.

Dr. Larry Drell, Board Certified Psychiatrist

Dr. Larry Drell is a Board Certified psychiatrist offering psychotherapy and medication.

I am Dr. Larry Drell, a Board Certified psychiatrist. I help clients overcome anxiety, depression or behaviors and ways of thinking that hold them back.

I can help you, too.

The best approach for you must be individualized. It requires the right combination of modern counseling, psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapies, and other new treatment approaches.  

Sometimes medications can help. I evaluate each patient individually and can prescribe the latest medications when appropriate.������ 

The best approach for you is not a specific theory.  It is uniquely tailored for you.   You can find relief from depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia. Change is possible beginning now.

Contact me in confidence via email or call at 202-232-8608.

Frequently problems touch all areas of a persons life. Individuals in relationships and marriages often find that struggling with anxiety and depression affects the communication and drains energy from the relationship. I work with couples to help them get to a better place.

I am known for my candor and ability to quickly get to the heart of what is causing the pain and help you find the solutions so you can begin to create the life you want.

We all tend to avoid what is painful. Sometimes getting help itself is difficult. The fact that you are still reading is a step in the right direction. I can help you discover what is keeping you stuck and help you face what you are avoiding.

Building on years of academic training and over 30 years helping people move forward,  I see myself as a good coach who can help you identify issues and help you develop a better game.   My goal is to help you  discover and use all your potential and inner resources to move in a positive direction now.

There is hope. You have choices. Change is possible even when you don’t feel it yet.

Please contact me with any questions at 202-232-8608 or email.

Dr Drell’s Professional Focus

My specialities areas include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety or Fears
  • OCD
  • Addictions & Alcohol Abuse
  • Career Counseling
  • Couples, Marriage & Divorce Counseling
  • Grief of Loss
  • Sex Therapy  and Counseling
  • Medication Evaluation
  • Bipolar & Mood Disorder

Counseling and Therapy Can Help

Most people suffer quietly with pain and are hesitant to seek help for many reasons.  I combine psychiatry with psychotherapy (talk therapy) to help you get relief more quickly and effectively.

You can reduce your pain and frustration starting today and create a better future even if you can’t see it now.

There are many types of therapy and therapists. How to find the best for you?

Learn about the therapist and ask them questions. Pay attention to how you feel with the person.

I am available to answer your questions and help you begin to find relief and peace, solve problems  and develop resilience even if you feel it is not possible now.
There is hope. The simple fact you are still reading and looking is evidence

Combining The Best Psychotherapy, Counseling, And Medication

People come to therapy because they are suffering, in pain, confused or just frustrated and stuck.

Over the past 30 years I have helped people find more possibilities and solutions for their lives.  You can find help as well.

Anxiety and Depression Treatment

Depression can make all hope seem lost. It drains energy and disturbs sleep. It causes suffering and is a serious condition. Frequently there are physical symptoms as well.

Depression is frequently combined with anxiety making life seem overwhelming as well as empty.�� Often your mind just won’t shut off. It is not your fault. Counseling and therapy can help now.

If you feel that anxiety, panic, fears and phobias are shrinking your life, I can help you expand your possibilities.  I believe that we have potentials, resources and strengths that we don’t recognize.

As an M.D. psychiatrist and psychotherapist I can help you find relief now. By using a combination of psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy, hypnosis and medication (if appropriate)  we can create a way out of the pattern of living you have been stuck in.

If you have questions, contact me: email or 202-232-8608.

Couples Therapy

Often anxiety and depression involve a relationship and harms what is good.  And sometimes problems in a relationship are the�� cause of  anxiety and depression.    You may feel trapped and hopeless but there are ways out of the cycle. Help is available.

You can learn new ways to talk about what is important and  begin to  help the relationship not create more problems.  Communication can be improved.   Trust can redevelop. Better decisions can be made.

Even the acute pain of  separation, divorce or infidelity issues can be helped through counseling and therapy in DC. Healing starts with getting the necessary help.

I am a Board Certified psychiatrist but I focus on doing psychotherapy. Over the past 30 years I have helped countless couples and individuals discover that change is possible.    Take the next step and ask the questions that you are uncertain about.

Addictions and OCD Therapy

Do you feel subject to compulsions and sudden urges? Troubling thoughts?  Is your mind rarely quiet?
These are not uncommon but can drain ones energy. I can evaluate you and provide a treatment plan and therapy for overcoming these and other behaviors including drug addictions, alcoholism, sex addiction, over eating and gambling as well as obsessions and compulsion

Talk therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, hypnotherapy and using medications when appropriate can provide relief and freedom beginning today.

Even if you have tried therapy and counseling before, there is still hope. You may feel worse now but you are still seeking help and that is most important. There are new solutions.

I use modern, proven scientific approaches and current medications if needed to help people get the help they need.

Counseling and Therapy for You

You are already taking positive steps by visiting this site and seeking information. There is hope even when feeling trapped or stuck. Counseling and psychotherapy with new medically and scientifically based treatments can���� help you attain the changes and personal growth you’re seeking.

Make an appointment for a consultation and ask the questions today to help you begin to get the help you need for your future.  You can start to feel better now. Change is possible.

Questions? Please contact me at 202-232-8608 or email. I look forward to hearing from you.

Counseling and Therapy DC is convenient to Chevy Chase, Bethesda and Potomac, MD. As well as Arlington and Alexandria in Virginia.